And so, here I am again.

2009-02-28 14:16:52 by BurningBunnies

A new movie, wow! Which is a culmination of unfinished things and my other movies.... wow again!

I need another project to keep me on my toes! Watch out for a monthly deadline.... only for it to come out in 2 years.

After many months I've finally completed a parody to a movie everyone's forgotten about! W00T!

It took a surprisingly long time to make, and at long last I feel free. It's been on my mind for ages.

I'm also part of an animation team called Dynanimations on SpamTheWeb, so I may as well shamelessly plug them here!

And not being able to post on frontpage? GHEY.

Well the parody of splash attack is slowly edging it's way to completion. I've just been animating bits and bobs of whatever I feel like, a little fbf, a bit of a game, whatever. My new wacom rocks my world, but yet again Vista screwed me over, the drivers don't make the side buttons work yet.

Hey folks, check out the new NG! Isn't it sweet?
I'm making a parody of a parody persay, it's a parody of 'splash attack', which is currently on the frontpage. Should be done in about a week. See you then! :D